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12-01-2010, 10:49 AM
I'm tired of typing up responses to these Fed Carrier demands and/or KDF Carriers are OP threads, so I'm just going to let StormShade answer for me:

Originally Posted by StormShade

As has been mentioned many times, Beam Array: Fire at Will, Cannon: Scatter Volley, Eject Warp Plasma, and others are all great abilities to limit a carriers effectiveness.

Klingons are far away from being the unstoppable powerhouse that many of you seem to think they are. I know this because I play a Klingon, and I can tell you I lose more matches than I win.

If you're having trouble facing off against Klingons, try asking a Klingon how to beat them. Almost every single one of them will tell you what your team needs to do in order to counter anything they do. However, PvP is a team based game.

If you actually expect to run into a PvP match, not work with your teammates, and still be able to faceroll your keyboard for the win, it's time to wake up and smell the disruptor burns.

It's almost always going to be the better organized team that wins. Space combat in STO is a very tactical game. It requires strategy, skill, and a knowledge of how different skills interact.
If you want to beat Carriers, here's an example on how to do it.