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12-01-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
1. Interesting... but you'd still end up with four skills that can be changed out if you don't like them.

2. You can buy nearly any race and either gender, and even "alien" BOs, from ESD. I would definitely support more costume slots for BOs.

4. More bridges are always welcome. People have been suggesting the TOS bridge since closed beta though, so it probably won't happen in a hurry. But I would definitely get it!
I guess I'm missing something again....I'm not seeing a problem with being able to change out skills if they're not working for you.
As for Spacedock, I haven't been on the game today yet, but what's been offered to me by way of bridge officers is pretty much limited to what I already have.
Finally, salute Raso's way for the incredible wish list. I want those, too.