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12-01-2010, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
It's rather simple really:
Don't make new bugs yet.
Currently with their limited test group they have a lot of bugs or at least more bugs than they want. When you add in an extra 2,000 people (or more) that'll create even MORE bug reports. To keep the Devs from going nuts it's better to fix all the bugs you know about as best as you can BEFORE you add in a larger player base. That way you know that most new bugs are the result of a larger player base and not the result of something else.
That may be what he meant, but thats not what he said. It sounds like their trying to make it "perfect" before they put it on Tribble, but thats not what Tribble is for. Thats what HOLODECK is for(or at least, as close to "perfect" as a system can be in an MMO).