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12-01-2010, 03:14 PM
For a fed battle ship, I maybe see this.

You have 2 "side weapon" slots, You can mount dual canons, dual beams, dual heavy cannons or single beams into these slots. These slots mirror for both sides, unlike the front and rear slots (that is you equip one weapon for both sides), and these slots give the weapons a 120 degree firing arc. The cannons would also get a slight boost to their optimum range and a slight decrease to their damage, but still have higher DPS than dual beams.

You then have 2 front and 2 rear slots, you can place dual beams, single beams, turrets or torpedoes here. They work like normal weapon slots.

The ship would be large, have a good set of tactical and engineering BO seats and cruiser hull and science ship shields but horrendous handling. It would also have a special form of innate tractor beam that would draw the target to the ship's side firing arc and poor science support.

I imagine a large ship, something with an integrated saucer and hull design with 4 turrets sunk into alcoves along each ship's side, 2 top and bottom, and it's warp nacelle mounted vertically, one top one bottom, but not on long pylons, perhaps the top nacelle integrated into the ship's spine and the other one on a short strut below the main hull.

The ship would be large and imposing, with the armor to back up it's size and lack of speed and bring devastating broad sides to bare.