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# 1 Dear Santa...
12-01-2010, 03:38 PM
Dear Santa,

I've been a good Klingon all year long. I've raided Earth docks on the final Beta Event. I played every episodes available to us, many, many, many several times ! I've destroyed my fair share of Federation ships and Upheld the honor of house Martok in my capture and hold missions. I've even bought the Retrofit B'rel caus "it shoots while cloaked" without ever testing it.

So, since I'm such a good Klingon, here's my wishlist. (Pick any and all you want)

- Nausicaan Lance
- more ships from our allied (i.e. conquered) species serving the KDF (Tier 2 to 5)
- to go wherever I want in space, and perform patrols there.
- The Genesis Device

I'll let my fellow klingons add to the list, so that you may give em the things they want too.

If you don't deliver, we'll raid your home and kill your gnomes !