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Originally Posted by DogsBody
Firstly, thanks to all who have contributed to this thread, I have found it very useful.

Onto a question if I may. I would like to bind a key (say F10), so that when I press it, it binds another key (say F9) to target whoever is currently targeted when I pressed the F10 key..
No, you can't do what you are seeking to do and you wouldn't want to do it that way any way.

Use this syntax:

/bind <key> targetteammate <#> $$ TrayExecByTray <tray> <slot>

So, let's say you have ET1 in the first tray at the fifth slot and you want to use the H-key to make sure you heal you fleetie who is in the first team position:

/bind H targetteammate 1 $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 4

I have 30 keys bound in a similar fashion. With the above, I am able to target any teammate, including myself (target_self), and send them a heal. Best thing I can tell you about reacquiring your target is to know which of your teammate has your target and target them after you send the heal. In most cases the target you are heal in probably has the same target and you will begin firing the foe right away.

Another option is to use the Target_Enemy_Next & Target_Enemy_Prev commands. You could bind the Target_Enemy_Near to the E-key. Put Next on the R-key and Prev on the W-key (Yeah, I know i just killed it for WASDers ... you really need to use the mouse.) Use (or something like it):

/bind e Target_Enemy_Near
/bind r Target_Enemy_Next
/bind w Target_Enemy_Prev

Now, after you throw that heal you can quickly cycle through the enemies.

Originally Posted by cocoa-jin
What is the benefit of the "+" sign in front of "TrayExecByTray x y"

Simple answer : it won't work if you don't use it.

Complex answer : There are different types of commands. This command is an executable command. These are commands executed when there is a '+' before them. The '+' activates the command.

Others are toggle commands which allow you to turn them on/off; just as if you pressed a button and released. There are special toggle commands that allow you to turn them on until you turn them off. In these cases you use '++' to turn the command on. By example, to make your ship turn left (or right) without you having to hold a key down you would bind ++left (++right) to whichever key you like (I use my numpad). When you tap the left-key, your ship will begin a left-hand turn and continue until you tap the left-key again.

Now wait, some of you are gonna say "Oh goodie, goodie. I can use this to distribute my shields while in battle and I won't have to worry about them." .... WRONG. The distribute shields command (+power_exec Distribtue_Shields) is not a toggle command it is an execute command (i.e., the 'exec' in the name is a dead giveaway) and therefore this toggling method will not work. HOWEVER, you can get around it by binding this command to your fire button. At some point while you are spamming your fire button your shields will distribute.

Originally Posted by cocoa-jin
What is the benefit of "TrayexecByTray x y" over "TraySlot x y"(I think thats the command, I need to heck when I get home)

The command is UseTraySlot.

Edit: See SimonPicard's response below

Originally Posted by cocoa-jin
My biggest problem, is that I can't trust formore than 1 or 2 fo my functions to activate while I'm pulling the trigger in my cannon boat.

If I perfectlystill and quiet, I can get 4 to go off pretty there a command that insures they all go off or any way is as good as the other?

There is a reason for this, it's called the "I win button". Cryptic has graciously prevented this button by requiring that a bound key be pressed as many times as there are commands attached to it. Generally, you can get one or two (sometimes three) commands to fire of at the same time, but mostly you won't because of activation timing. Many powers have a .5s activation time and if you try to activate another power during that time ... it ain't happenin'.

Originally Posted by BDCasolari
I've mapped most of my tray abilities/items to specific keys, now using this keyboard it seems I'm able to create key combinations and tell them to happen at different times or in combinations, or repeat, etc. Is this the same effect as key binding? Is there any advantage of doing it with keybinds instead of a gaming keyboard?

Please excuse the sophomoric nature of this questions; I'm relatively new to computer gaming...but a long-time lover of Trek.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Yes it is the same. However, one thing you can do with a gaming keyboard that you cannot do with ingame keybinding is timing. The advantage of a gaming keyboard is that you and insert delays to allow for activation.

P.S. There are no dumb questions ... just smartass answers. :p

Originally Posted by Roach
example: (old KB)
/bind space "+TrayExecByTray 1 0 $$ +TrayExecByTray 1 1 $$ +TrayExecByTray 1 2 $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 6 $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 7 $$ GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll $$ +Power_Exec Distribute_Shields "

I found that even though I set the keybind up to cycle through tray 2 / slots 1 thru 3 and slots 7 & 8, when used the KB would activate slot 1 then slot 3 and skip slot 2 until about the 5th keypress of the spacebar. I switched the powers in slot 3 with slot 2 and suffered no more miss-use of abilities.
Evidently the cooldown system in STO can wreck havoc with keybinding and make some powers not respond as needed. Also I found that if you keep the keybinds shorter (1-4 abilities) it can help with miss-used abilities as well.

Unfortunately keybinding is not a exact science or works perfectly at all times.
You are soooooo right; keybinding is not exact at all.

I have a button that has a dozen powers bound to it. I have to press that button 12x to get each power to light off. When you get into the longer binds you have to reverse the order. Generally you will add powers from left to right. Well, with my 12 power button, I've had to do it backwards and have the first command activated last in the sequence.

As far as commands going off in order. This goes back to the activation times for the commands. Best way around this it to slooooooooowdown for the first round. Press..pause..Press..pause... Make each pause about a .5s and you'll be fine. (This will have the added benefit of relaxing you during battle.) After that you can go back to having your mash-party on your keyboard.