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12-01-2010, 06:18 PM
I think he means specializing in Command, with command skills that enhance how you perform in some way, like how Science gets the Holographic fleet to call on.

I think Command should be a complete breakaway from the other classes. When playing Command, you should start at Lieutenant and rank up to Lieutenant Commander after the tutorial, and jump straight in to a LtCdr ship. That way, once they raise the cap to Admiral, you can go on and be Fleet Admiral. I also think that, after Captain, a Command officer should be able to choose whether or not to rank up to a Flag Officer or to stay as a captain of his own ship. If he decides to rank up, he should be able to command a fleet of ships, wither player controlled, if a fleet agrees to it, or NPC controlled. As an RA LH, he should get only 2 ships, from any tier he likes, but with tier 5 stats. The disadvantage would be that they can't use their own powers anymore; they have to rely on the npc ships' powers which should be weaker than player powers. At RA UH, He should get a third ship, at VA he should get a fourth, etc. until Fleet Admiral. At that point, the game changes again and he can choose between three types of dreadnoughts or specialty ships: Some special Escort, the Gal-X (Free, of course), or an advanced Sci ship (I think the Vesta Class would fill this nicely). They would then go out with their own fleet, which, btw, should be customizable.

I think we should even go further than just Command, and request that Medical break away from Science. This would allow for more specialization in both classes.