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12-01-2010, 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by captnwan View Post
Then you get into the problem would the forum be 25th century trek or 23rd century trek. And then you'd have people complaining about Enterprise emoticons cluttering up their Next Gen emoticons. And you'd have the Klingons complain because they wouldn't have an equal number of emoticons. And there would be at least one person demanding Undine emoticons.

It just seems to much of a hassle. Best to let this one go
Nope... can't let it go

Definitely we need Star Trek Icons and perhaps pics. of the enterprises to let us know a forum msg is new (new Enterprise) or old (old Enterprise)

I am sure it will take just one employ one day of work to improve this forum 100%

just my opinion.

PS: WOW is even worse than what I thought "You are limited to using 4 images"
What kind of 1980's Forum is this... Are we using dial up 14.4 kbit/s again???