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Wall text incoming! :p

I've been looking at various fleets and websites and nothing seems to fit the critera I'm looking for (mainly cause the information I'm looking for isn't easily accessble) so I'm gonna try this and see if this works.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR (in a fleet )
- Uses Ventrilo (a must, Unfortunately I will not consider any fleet that doesn't use this)
- Fleet is PvE orientated
- a fleet that promotes teamwork
- organised leadership
- frequently does STFs and Fleet actions (this could be weekly or daily, just as long as it is regular)
- Has a organised fleet website and is the main form of offline communication for its members
- A fleet that looks after new players and guides them
- Accepts people have different ways of doing things and is open to experimentation
- Accepts people have things to do in real life and may not be able to commit to a digital world 24/7
- Tolerant of people from various racial and religious backgrounds

- PvP heavy/orientated fleets, (however minor pvp is ok)
- An RP heavy fleet, I don't mind other people doing it but it's not something I wished to be forced to do for any reason.
- A fleet that is ONLY looking for experienced players

WHAT I BRING (to a potential fleet)
- 3 VA Fed toons covering all three profs (these can not be seen on captain search)
- a highly active person on forums in the sense I read through forums frequently and post if I feel there is something to add (although you may see a barrage of joke threads/posts )
- a lifetimer so I will always be around as long as the game is active
- Someone is familiar with The 3 BORG STFs, never completed Terradome
- Someone who regularly visits tribble to keep up to date with potential changes
- Maybe a few other people
- Someone who is willing to guide a new player through things

In addition to STO I've played Everquest, Anarchy Online, Earth Above and Beyond, Star Wars Galaxies, World Of ********, City Of Heroes, RF Online, Age of Conan, ****. Yet only SWG is the game I return to regularly, and I fundermentally dislike WoW because its cookie cuttered all other MMOs, so I play STO because its different, and SWG because its varied. Why do I play STO? because its different to WoW and most cookie cutter MMO out there, It's Star Trek. I love the complexity in the skill tree, the customsation of various items and weapons of my ships, even BOs. And finally and not least, ESD zone chat, nothing beats that for a good laugh at times.

I am currently a part of .section 31. fleet but the leader has been inactive for over a month and the activity of the fleet is very low and tend to be pvp orientated which isn't a good fit for me. I like doing STFs but not too much otherwise I get burnt out. Ilike space combat more than ground,

Well if anyone feels I am a good match for your fleet shoot me a tell in game or respond to this thread. Am willing to trial with a fleet because that allows you and me to get a good look at each other, forums only show part of what the other person is about. Regardless thanks for reading this and all the best