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12-01-2010, 06:24 PM
It would have to be diplomat. Its the only skill that isnt covered by the current skill set. Every Captain has to operate under some level of diplomacy...but very few would be highly and specifically trained in it.

These are the Picards, those tasked for First Encounter, those who over see negotiations(not necessaroly the negotiator, but perhaps delivering and hosting these relations), etc, etc.

The problem is that any non-combat content has to be specifically and meticously designed from the ground up, similar to that of an episode. Everything in game is combat because its easy to just spawn NPC "rats" whack.

People will get tired of the same mission re-dressed with races of different noses and skin tones...yeah, the same goes for kill 5 things, re-dressed in diferent environments...but just not as quickly.