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So I had some fleetmates tell me that every single Foundry mission has to pass a "peer review" before anyone can actually play it.

Is this... actually true? Is this how it's set up? I can't just make a mission for myself and my fleetmates, without having to put it out into the public?

If this is true... it's the most painfully boneheaded decision Cryptic's made with the game.

First, the more immediate problem. This makes it very hard to make content "just" for your own fleet/storylines/whatever. If you want to use the Foundry to make something that's really just for you and your friends, who'd understand what's going on immediately, then you still have to present it to the public who might not "get" it and may reject it out of hand. It'd make private(ish) content impossible.

More importantly however, if every mission has to pass "peer review" then the potential for griefing is so vast as to be profound. What, exactly, prevents me from pulling up a peer-review mission and simply rejecting it after playing because I can? How, exactly, would malicious rejection be handled? How could such a thing even be proven?

I'd like some confirmation on this, as "peer-review" for everything strikes me as so incredibly dunderheaded that I can't imagine that's really how the system works.