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12-01-2010, 10:28 PM
One might consider that there are criteria for rejection. Very simple criteria... And that people who reject for reasons outside the supplied criteria will lose their right to review.

Say there's a list of ten easily verifiable things a mission can be rejected for (obscene language, drug use, illicit sex) and that none of them are really qualitative. If someone does reject a mission for the wrong reasons, it shouldn't take long to check and mark a strike against them for abusing their review powers.

Beyond that, I think reviewing is essential to verify that it's even possible to complete a mission as a robust tool will likely make it possible for authors to write impossible to complete missions.

Beyond that, pretty sure they've said that many features like fleet-only content will probably happen but that the initial BETA release in December is simply not going to have most or all of the features that Cryptic wants or plans to include longterm. It's a first baby step, not the complete system that will give you everything you can imagine right away, based on the comments I've seen.