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12-02-2010, 12:18 AM
I know it has kinda been talked about off and on, but I wanted to make a definitive topic for adding an Avian species to STO. Avian species is something very different, and very cool that could be added to the game, and there a several canonical references to avian species in the Star Trek Universe, granted, some are in the Animated series...

Such as:

Xindi Avians

The Skorr


Horrable terrifying bird human monstrosity...

So I think it would give players something new, and exciting. Special ability.... Yah, you guessed it... flying... You could jump, then the jump button would turn into a flap wings button or something.

But, if it was added, I would want bridge officers of them, for both the Federation, AND KDF.

Oh, and one last thing. If they were added, and if the KDF had access to them, you need the option to remove the wings at least for the KDF. Now, I know I know, why make a bird species without wings, but I get the idea from the novel The Final Reflection. I know it's not canon, but it's just an example, so bare with me. There was a servitor, a slave more or less. name Tirian. He was apparently an avian species, but he had no wings. Why? Because during his 'service' in the KDF the captain of the vessel had Tirians lush beautiful wings torn from their very sockets. Why? Because the narrow corridors, the closed in bridge, the tight walkways of 22nd century designed star ships were no place for massive fluffy wings! They were in the way! A federation captain would be more understanding, plus their ships are more... roomy... But a KDF ship, now they may see it another way. So from that, if I get my bird man Bridge officer, I want him WITHOUT the wings.

Anyway, wings or no wings, I would like Avains in the game. What do you think?