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I had to double check Memory Alpha to confirm this but it rang false for me that Arturis created the fake Federation ship, the U.S.S. Dauntless, without any help. Obviously, his fate was pretty much sealed at the end of the episode but I was pondering what the odds would be that someone else could have made more of those ships.

And glancing at references, it would appear that there were 20,000 survivors of his race after their home and the majority of their people were wiped out by the Borg. Also from reviewing sources, I note that a ship of the Dauntless' class could legitimately travel between the Delta Quadrant and earth in three months.

So here's my wacky thought... What if Arturis' people DID build more Dauntless class ships, banded together with other species decimated by the Borg and Undine, and came here in a fleet of Dauntless Class ships, perhaps escaping some new Delta Quadrant disaster?

I think it would be a cool way to get that ship into the game and to bring some of the Voyager species into play here in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, as well as to introduce a new major power that could sweep into established territory, threatening to shift the balance of power.