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12-02-2010, 12:41 AM
I am gonna be dead honest, I argued for the Connie and vehemently for the NX, so yes I have an agenda in this.

I got me a NX and rolled a whole new science officer to captain her, my twelfth toon thank you very much. I have already fallen in love with the seemingly anachronistic old biddy, even with it's port bridge windows and escape pods bodgered. Too many times I have looked to the time I will become a LtC and be forced to leave this hull behind. Saddened I am. As a Lt6 I flew her in Skirmish today and did not pop once with the difficulty set to advanced. I cannot boast the same of the T5 Vor'cha my LG Kling flies. *Sometimes I think the difficulty for endgame toons is far higher than it is for any other rank.*

I am forced to agree with CaptMattSchwab if blocking both the NX and the Connie from all PvP but Kerrat is what it takes to get these ships where I can enjoy them the most often, I am for it. As a player I will spend most of my time in endgame and that is where I want to enjoy a ship I paid real money to get.

Jez I paid for the privilege to fly this ship and after two days of casual play I have nearly out grown it. Besides I want a chance to see the NX refit in this game inthe future.