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12-02-2010, 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by Valxocia
I am in support of an Avian species in the game, but not for awhile. IMO, there are plenty of canon races to consider before throwing more obscure TAS races into the game.

No. While I'm not exactly pleased that this game allows you to play as a slave, the idea that the game would promote torturing, mutilating or crippling slaves for the sole purpose of some warped pleasure would be far too outrageous.

Other than that, the idea of an avian species without wings seems pointless and a waste of time. What will be special about them? They gonna run up and peck at enemies? :p
Yes there are plenty of other species, but not much cooler ones...

And it's Klingons, and it's not warped pleasure, it's getting rid of an inconvenience. Stuff like that is in Star Trek. It's in the show, it's in the Books, obviously, and it;s not like you'd see them rip his wings off. You would just see the lack of wings. ANd it's not Crippling, just making them more humanoid... ANd besides, Klingons ritually cut and hurt themselves all the time, that is 'promoted' in game as is by the inclusion of Klignons,

And that isn't the point. If I want to take my BOffs or captains ability away, so be it. It wouldn't be helpful in combat to start with, so it's not a beg deal if it's gone. And it's a choice, it's not taking anything away. As a captain of a ship, I may not care if my crewmen have giant fluffy wings, (I would, but I am just saying) where as another may care. So it would be a choice...