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12-02-2010, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by SpaceDrake View Post
Ahhhhhh, so when I publish a mission it'll be available to anyone right away so long as they search for it?

Perfect, then, that solves a number of "fleet-only" issues I had. So long as people can find it (and not get spoiled ahead of time having to "review" it ) then everything is solid.

I still remain concerned about the avenues for griefing with this system, however. It seems to me that there's no real dis-incentive to someone simply flagging or downvoting missions purely for the sake of being a jerk.
Anyone can find it and play it. They can even just browse highly rated content if they choose.

What the reviewing does is prevent untested or low quality content from being passed on to the user who just wants a suggested mission handed to them each day. Better missions to the users will encourage the users to create better content.