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12-02-2010, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by d3nalii View Post
I think customization of a character in an MMO is possibly one of _the_ most important elements. Especially once a large chunk of the population has reached 'end-game' levels. Players want a feeling of personal ownership in these virtual worlds. A sense of uniqueness. In a sea of pixels, people like to stand out and be noticed and noticeable.
WoW argues powerful against the importance of customization to MMO customers as a whole, but that's a seperate topic...

The biggest problem with customizability in this game is that this game is based on a fixed IP: Star Trek. That means that while bionic parts in Champions (as someone else pointed out) are definitely cool, they aren't very 'Star Trek'.

The same thing comes into play with ships and uniforms. Customizability is great, but at a certain point...if you play Fed side, you're in Starfleet, so you need to be flying something that looks like a Starfleet ship of some sort, and wearing something that could feasibly be interpreted as a Starfleet uniform.

Something at least equally important in an MMO to customization is immersion. The primary draw to this game is being able to play in the Star Trek universe. If, in game, it no longer feels like the Star Trek universe, there will be a real problem in terms of marketing the game. So Cryptic has to walk a fine line between opening up more customization and still maintaining the intergrity of the IP.