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12-02-2010, 01:03 AM
Originally Posted by chooch99 View Post
Also remember, English is not everyone on the games primary language. It boils down to separating being "rude" from "constructive criticism". People may ask for feedback, but blunt honesty would realistically de-motivate a lot of aspiring Foundry authors- Just because someone says "be honest with me" does not mean as a human being they will react well to a flood of bashing. Stephen King had a wall full of tacked up rejection papers from publishers to remind him how many rejections he went through and did not give up, before hitting it.

BUT this community will 99% likely be not made up of "professional" aspiring writers- just creative gamers who want to express their idea and try and help make. fun missions. If you were a boxer, you learn to take a punch.
If someone asks you to come help in a fight, and your not a trained or tough person, your "enthusiasm" would quickly fade with a well placed punch.

Think about it.
Using the Stephen King analogy might not be the best. The rejection notes he received can be assumed that he got the hate mail and so the analogy is sort of defeating the purpose of your words before it. Point is, as we are taught in least i hope you all were, I was, that if you want say, then say it in a way the person can achieve success from, not something that will shoot down the esteem of that person.