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12-02-2010, 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
Naww, nobody forces you. I stuck with my Nova (<3) for 3 tiers, and I know that quite a number of people kept their TOS Connie even up to T5. The progress is eased by slotting higher Mk gear - the worst thing about it is that you will miss out on BO powers (and I actually argued that this aspect should be able to be upgraded before).
I've also just recently grouped with an LtC who flies an NX (roleplaying it as a civilian vessel as it does stand out from contemporary Starfleet designs). So ... see it as a challenge.

It will be a little more difficult, obviously, but it won't be impossible and I don't see how, even when being in love with an anachronism, we have to resort to what basically will amount to "every single ship is the same" once every class in the game gets a T5 refit. I'd like to believe that the ships are a little more than just skins.
Even when you chastise me it makes me smile. LOL

I have tried to run a Connie way past it's optimal rank and got my arse handed to me during Night of the Comet. No I will trade her in for a proper T2 escort when the time comes, at least to get past that mission. Otherwise I will take your advice and try to squeeze as many ranks out of her as I can.