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12-02-2010, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by tranceaddict View Post
Many powers have a .5s activation time and if you try to activate another power during that time ... it ain't happenin'.[/color]
This I did not know exactly (the 5 sec rule on powers) but perfectly explains the power use issues that will arise in a keybind.

I have a button that has a dozen powers bound to it. I have to press that button 12x to get each power to light off. When you get into the longer binds you have to reverse the order. Generally you will add powers from left to right. Well, with my 12 power button, I've had to do it backwards and have the first command activated last in the sequence.

As far as commands going off in order. This goes back to the activation times for the commands. Best way around this it to slooooooooowdown for the first round. Press..pause..Press..pause... Make each pause about a .5s and you'll be fine. (This will have the added benefit of relaxing you during battle.) After that you can go back to having your mash-party on your keyboard.[/color]
I will give your " backwards to front" suggestion a use on my KB's, though I don't have nay long ones that equal 12 commands. Yes learning a pace or rythim to your key pressing is crucial to good keybind. I have been joked over my use of a spacebar firing KB, but with a good 3-5second pace to my firing- it works very well.