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12-02-2010, 08:00 AM
After playing KvF through the tiers, I'm not entirely sure how much difference carriers make - the results have been mostly klingon-victories regardless of the ship choice (some very good players - and it's been great fun, but being entirely honest the cruiser/science/escort relationship on the Fed team often doesn't appear to work).

Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
The fundamental problem here is that a carrier can launch a crap-load of pets to keep opponents busy, AND still perform a function in the team, be it healing, DPS (don't BS me, a carrier CAN do measurable DPS), or whatever...
From my point-of-view a carrier does do terrible dps.

The question is whether "having to deal with a carrier" requires more work than "not having to deal with a carrier"... and the answer is: obviously yes.

Giving the federation a carrier would solve that, but add to the 'red team vs blue team' feeling, as we're becoming 2 clones... I'd rather see a photonic fleet thingy/turret deployer/anti-carrier-ship/whatever.