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12-02-2010, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
err... i already made my point clear. earlier in this thread and another even.

Why build a carrier when you can summon holographic battleships that hurt?
Or if you really need fighters: why not a squadron of holo fighters?

The Tech is there, we are using it. Sci officers get to summon holographic battleships.
One would think that this path of technology gets primary attention from the engineering corps.

yknow. because it can summon ******n battleships out of thin air? ships that fire torpedoes? and phasers? And are actually quite bothersome if you skilled into holotech?
Summonable Holoship = better than any sort of carrier you could ever come up with, and you can NEVER explain away the fact we are actively using a tech that allows sci officers to summon a small fleet of holoships.

If i were the head honcho of Starfleet, ANY admiral, engineer or other kind of dude coming into my office proposing a carrier in light of this summon holo fleet tech, would get led behind a shed to be mercykilled because the sheer amount of stupidity that officer apparently has contracted is not curable at that point.


holoships = better than fighters (fluff wise)

Id pump all resources needed towards a project that produces ships that summon holoships at will.
Because its seriously awesome.

screw carriers.
your proposal is to put in more ships that can summon holo ships? So another copy and paste effort? How about something unique? Holo ships are still pets in my eyes and they are still actively taking up resources to generate and view on screen. No more pet spam..

It gets hard enough to work with 3 or more carriers spamming pets and on top of that the klinks spam mines as well..with feds spamming mines and fed sci ships calling in holo ships the game client becomes laggy and yesterday alone when I was in a Pre-made we ran into this issue a couple of times and good lord the amount of lag we had was insane...people rubber banding all over the place

Enough is enough! NO more pets no TY. Give us a battle ship that can do all 3 roles like the carrier full fills (DPS/Tank/Support) cuz right now the feds do not have such a ship.