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12-02-2010, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
I'm tired of typing up responses to these Fed Carrier demands and/or KDF Carriers are OP threads, so I'm just going to let StormShade answer for me:

If you want to beat Carriers, here's an example on how to do it.
we really need to sit down and hammer out what makes a ship OP. If it cannot be killed and cannot be hurt when your whole team is firing on it and focusing on it, then yes its OP. In that regard the carrier is NOT OP.

However the carrier does introduce in an imbalance which should not exist. No ship should be able to full fill (DPS/Tank/Support) all in one package. No fed ship does this, and i would like to requote what faithborn said a while ago and here it is:

Carrier teams, on the other hand, suffer no drawbacks from Diminishing Marginal Utility. On the contrary, they get STRONGER when you put more of them in. 5 carriers is better than 4 carriers is better than 3 carriers. Lets look at why:

•Carriers can easily be set up in a very defensive and team oriented build - Using interconnected and synergetic bridge officers (i.e.: lots of cross healing and self tanking ability) the carrier can easily be a "tough-as-nails" ship to destroy. Similar to cruiser heavy teams, they are often ignored in favor of other, softer, targets of opportunity.

•Carrier pets become stronger the more of them you have - while 1 carrier may take 3 waves to assemble 1 compliment of fighters, 5 carriers takes one wave to assemble 1.66 complete compliments of fighters. Additionally with pets, like all DPS, there is a breaking point in which kills become significantly easier to attain through raw damage. The more carriers you bring the easier it is to reach that breaking point.

•Damage comes on autopilot - Yes, you need to target your opponent and launch them, but after that the npcs do all the work while you are free to heal your teammates and move into position. No need to coordinate 2+ escorts or raptors to move into position while healing them. No liabilities with more fragile links in the klinkball.

•Numbers game - with a full compliment of carriers, the pets reach the point where they can easily be considered your offense. Compare them to zerglings, a few of them will easily get smashed and blown up but if you produce them faster than your opponent can kill them the numbers add up. Oh, and they don't count as points either, so you don't actually have to worry about keeping them alive.
So as faith born said, a well setup defensive oriented cruiser heavy team may (not for certain) have the survivability of a well setup defensive oriented carrier heavy team, but the one thing the curisers will suffer from is DPS which the carriers will not thanks to pet spam.

People keep wondeirng why there are often threads of carrier is OP and this that and the other, the reason is simple as this
Originally Posted by Obelus

BoPs + Carrier. The problem here is you've given the side with the best offensive/defensive escort the toughest support ship.
So no, no ship is OP, but there is an imbalance currently.