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12-02-2010, 11:56 AM
However the carrier does introduce in an imbalance which should not exist. No ship should be able to full fill (DPS/Tank/Support) all in one package. No fed ship does this
Cruisers fill this definition just fine and do excell at all three in combat, as has been seen by any who pvps.
The carrier is not OP.
Carrier teams, suck because of the lag cuased by the huge amount of pets and the targeting horror that brings to combat. Unfortunately the concept of an "all one type of ship" team already exists for other vessels and to limit the carrier is unfair to those who play it - unless one is going to limit multiples of all ships in combat to a set number.

Carriers can easily be set up in a very defensive and team oriented build - as can any ship if sacrifices are made in other areas of function and does not point to any OP nature in the design of the carrier.

•Carrier pets become stronger the more of them you have - Once again a sucky thing to encounter in pvp due to lag and targeting issues, but numbers have always been a huge advantage in combat. Not an OP design though as it is only true the more carriers one has on one's team.

Damage comes on autopilot - I hardly call the constant watching of pets and switching of targets for them as autopilot, but yes the advantage of the carrier (any carrier) is the stand-off approach to combat they can attain. The definition of a carrier I would think. Lauch fighters and stand back to be the CNC for them and the rest of the team involved. Good tactical use of the carrier, but hardly OP.

•Numbers game - This is the one advantage a carrier truelly has, it can brings numbers to the match to overwhelm a enemy in combat.

The carrier is no more OP than any other vessel in the game, but its pets do cause a problem and I feel that they are the only thing about the vessel that needs a rethinking.
Fewer pets, better control of them and no need to slot them in the UI to use them would go a long way to achieving a sense of balance that some feel is needed.