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12-02-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by MisterMiracle View Post
It was pretty much like what you cite in the early phases of its life cycle, believe it or not. After Stephen Colbert made a public mockery of it a few years back on national television, though, they instituted rather draconian editorial review policies to stop that from happening. But even as recently as a year ago I could edit

So, in terms of its relevance to the Foundry, wiki isn't as it is now because people online are inherently rational and decent. Quite the opposite. Its the way it is now because its strictly controlled. How strictly Cryptic enforces the rules surrounding it will be the absolute gauge of its quality in terms of feedback.
The last I heard the ability to rate missions was only going to be given to people who passed the approval process. If this isn't the case anymore we could have a problem but I don't see a lot of griefers wanting to go through a job interview only to troll for a few reviews and then get banned from it for a month for trolling.