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So I fire up tribble and try to set up my UGC character.

I timeout about 2/3rd through the "Create New Project" process and get kicked to the login screen.

I login again, and try to pick up where I left off. Can't get past character selection screen. "Create Content" is grayed out. "Play" is grayed out. Okay. I delete the character, thinking I can start again from the top.

Well, that's just lovely. "New Character" is grayed out. I can't do anything in the Content Authoring screen.

And yes, I can play my regular characters on tribble just fine. Yes, I've quit completely and restarted tribble. No dice.

I suppose I should file a ticket on this...

Edit: Ah. Read in another thread that Foundry's offline for maintenance/tweaking.

[Invoke Emily Litella here.]