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12-02-2010, 03:43 PM
Well this is my side of the story when foundry was released, listen its pretty interesting, I was coming home from school (yes school, im in 8th grade and im thirteen years old) and then I open the star trek online launcher then I see that tribble is offline, I think its another tease so I go to the forums and they say that the foundry is out, I was soo happy at that moment so I said I will wait while doing my homework untill it comes out so I am doing my homework and my algebra homework keeps me a little longer homework time than usual so I come on at about 5:00 and I see that tribble is open again, so I click on tribble test shard, but wait theres no update!!! I am confused so I go on the forums and then the next thing I see is that the foundry was taken offline... So no I did not get to test it at alll!!!!!