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12-02-2010, 04:30 PM
This mission is, (or was), available. I just did it.
The "Search" thing is a bit messed atm.

Edit: Apparently I didn't tell you guys were the admiral was in the Mission Dialogue (I'm pretty sure I did), hes on the upper level of DS9's promenade, he should have circle around him on the minimap.
Unless I missed something, the only clue I got was that there was trouble in the Trivas System. On going there.... nothing. Only after PMing you did I know this involved going to DS9

Edit: Crap, I forgot to move my spawn point.... Its right in the middle of a Mob..
...was fun!

EDIT: Just took the mish again. I stand corrected. It does say go to DS9 on selecting the mission.