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Originally Posted by Feanor12345 View Post
Since Cryptic is in the US, I'd guess that only US copyright would have to apply, so anything in the main Project Gutenberg archive would be ok.
In theory. But you might get foreign governments getting cagey.

Even then, there are works post 1922 with disputed status due to failure to include proper notification between the years of 1923 and 1978. Or works like "It's a Wonderful Life" or the Fleisher Superman cartoons that are PARTLY public domain. I think this also affects some early episodes of some sitcoms like the **** Van Dyke show.

All pre-1923 works still runs into libel issues.

It may EVENTUALLY be worth doing but I'd like to see them start by including several large anthologies of CLEARLY public domain, CLEARLY acceptable works.

Trek referenced Shakespeare all the time. Nobody will dispute Shakespeare or Greek myth.

There ARE people out there actively disputing the co-opting of native american religion in the public domain. The Bible and the Quran and The Book of Mormon are all PD works but dicey to include, even as historical texts. (I mean, one could do a mission with Space King David that doesn't preach religion but it's going to be dicey as a subject even within the EULA. And you could argue you were brorrowing David from non-religious PD texts at that.) Why be a target?

Maybe eventually there's a way to include all pre-1923 works. But I'd just suggest starting with Shakespeare (from an old/classic publication; if someone intentionally changes the text in a modern publishing, they own those changes), a certified Public Domain collection of Greek myths (a more modern work may include author embelishments that are not PD), stuff that you would see casually referenced in Trek and in a stock super-hero environment like Champions.