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12-02-2010, 05:33 PM
Q: Elysia_1: With the Foundry coming up and with all the "Cloudyness" of it and what you can really use it for, what exactly or what are some of the "Highlights" of the program that we can expect from it?

A: The Foundry will allow you to play missions authored by the community, manage and create your own Foundry missions using a drag-and-drop flowchart-like editor. You'll be able to use existing maps for missions, or even make your own. You can even create your own NPCs using a much wider array of costume options than characters can use. In all - the Foundry will open up the ability for the community to create some great (and let's be honest - not so great) missions that you'll be able to play just like any other mission in the game. It's a great feature, and I can't wait to see what people come up with.
Really? Really?!

Why can't you just open that up to EVERYONE? Make an improvement to the CURRENT costume/character creator before you go adding NEW tech to make a different one that we can't use for our characters like we all WANT to? I mean seriously! When Cryptic worked on CoH, the character creator was top notch for customization. Then in CO, again, an impressive character creation system.

Why put the handcuffs on us in THIS game then? Open the flood gates, let us actually CREATE something to be proud of with this game!