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12-02-2010, 09:29 PM
A: I want to say congratulations to ThomastheCat on his new career at Cryptic, and I am looking forward to see what his ideas and expertise will bring to STO.
Congrats to the 'new hire' and interesting turn of events. I WOULD hope this means perhaps we will see more (and new) mini-games added to STO as I do like the scanning one; and in the past, there was other mini-games tentatively VERY close to implementation, that were pulled for 're-tooling'.

Overall, a great, and rather upfront Q&A. I really do like the direction the STO Dev team is taking the game in; and I really do think that shoukld the majority of what's being discussed and developed for STO; it could really grow into a better MMO overall (And I don't mean that as a slight, as I do think iSTO is good right now, but ideas like the crew system - with more powers and complexity - the start of and growth of the Foundry once settling in adjustments are made, expansion and refinement of the Crafting system, expansion of PvP, voice over and cutscenes for transitions, etc; will makie the game better in a major way, and make a larger mark on the MMO arena in general.)