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# 2 I am not an expert...
12-02-2010, 09:40 PM
I have played many games, and have written many rpg games or adventures for large groups of role players. I am very excited to be able to use the Foundry.

The name of my story is called: Enter the Orion Syndicate.

When I first logged into the foundry, I did not find it to be overly complicated. It took me some tinkering around moments, but once I got an understanding of what the basic tools did, I was able to start designing to story quickly.

I am not sure how this UGC will work. I have used City of Heroes UGC. The tool allowed for 5 maps in a episode. Then you had to string it along to your max of three posted/published limit.

I was able to use the editor tool easily. I still do not fully understand what the top character thing is above the green flag pole.

The story I am trying to create basically starts out where the player is sent to earth to receive orders. The mission person then sends the player to Shipyard requisitions to find the secret orders. When they enter requisitions, they will see the flashing computer on the wall behind the desk. When they interact with the screen, a hologram comes out and gives the basic orders to get the plot moving for the story.

The idea here borrows from the old Mission Impossible show where the main character would go and get his mission orders. In my story, I plan to write them around a 12 part serial style. Each episode hopefully will take a month to play out. SO each part is just one episode of a larger mosaic. I want my stories to be more roleplay focused. What this means is they will be more story driven and not necessarily action driven.

I was able to set the ESD part up relatively fast. The contact then sends the player to the mission liaison located at Drozana Station. I was able to set up the contact at Drozana who is Odumli. He then sends the character to Cestus III a planet in the Regulus sector block. I was able to quickly make the planetary system with the tool. I was able to set the starting point and place a object at the planet for the player to establish a standard orbit. The player must go to Cestus III to gather intelligence on a Orion Syndicate boss named D'anna (pronounced Diana). This first episode is where the character establishes a deep cover as a fighter in a illegal gambling ring. It is the hope of STar Fleet the player will be able to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate here and learn the secrets of Dona D'anna.

I was able to link the point from Drozana to Cestus III easily. I am not sure if it is better to have the characters fly to Cestus III in their own ship. However, I am contemplating this as I explore the tool more.

I was able to make the space port on the ground with the main planet contact there. The player is sent to this village to get the field agent who helps them through the entire story arc. Her name is Tina, and she is a Orion Slave girl, who is a deep undercover operative for Star Fleet Intelligence..

I was able to construct a town for the space port with several buildings and the train station the character will use to go to Leisure City. I was able to construct the interior and exterior of the train station. I was able to set up a clickable console for the player to activate the doors.

I got as far as that and the server went down.

I am trying to create my story from a story board point of view. Or a story teller point of view. I have not figured out how to do the puzzles yet. In our role play stories we do in the game already, we use dice rolls to do task. I am wondering if I can use dice rolls with the foundry. If I can...then I will be able to engineer some neat task.

So far the foundry has been fun.

I do like how the list on the left of the screen itemizes the story events. I have questions about 'objects'. Do we always use objects to move from one map to another. For example, if I want to have a player go into a building from an exterior to an interior set. I use the object tool of the building in the exterior set to have the player interact with the building. Then once the character is in the building (interior set), they zone in via a zone in point. Then I have them move to a desire door (object) via a move to mark tool? I think that last sentence was a question.

To simulate a train at a train station, I used a small building for the exterior prop. Then I had the character go into the building. I was able to get them to the door , where I put a console out in front of the door for the clickable object. Since I do not have an actual train to use, I figure I would just use the door as a transition screen from the Spaceport to the Leisure Town train station.

The player has to go to Leisure town to find a contact/bookie named Swindle Tau ( a Ferengi who coordinates the fights). I want to make a series of task the character has to do to get the support of the bookie. This will allow the character to enter the fight club as a contender. Through the entire arc of the story, the player will be having to do hand to hand fights to make money and earn the trust of the syndicate boss.