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12-02-2010, 11:21 PM
This may be available already, but I REALLY wanted to set some ambiance by having friendly ship squadrons patrol around the station. But there's no way to give them a path to follow (Wander doesn't seem to have anything to do with that?) This would be a great thing for bringing maps to life, in space and on the ground.
Wander options don't work until pathfinding is generated upon publishing a mission. Crunching the data to determine eligible flight-paths or movement requires lots of computing power, something Cryptic handles on special servers.

Most enemy mobs of the same faction as you are friendly.

#I'm actually not sure this is a bug, but in space, when you put an NPC contact on the map, changing the y-position doesn't do anything-- they stay at 0. I assume this is because they snap to the terrain on the ground and you don't want them floating, but in space, you may not want everything on a single plane. I've been using NPC Contacts for stationary "decoration ships" on space maps in lieu of better options-- things like named ships parked in drydocks, but the Y-placement causes some issues there.
Y axis is for raising or lowering an object vertically.
X and Z are the horizontal and for forward/backward

A basic/advanced mode option to give both casual and expert users a good, solid experience would be really awesome. Let casual users get what they need and avoid the complications of what they don't, and let more advanced users get at the stuff that they can use to really make stuff shine-- this is something that UGC tools rarely think to do well, in my experience.
There is an advanced mode. You ahve to enable it but it didn't do anything in closed beta aside from more behavior options for enemies (like chat, wander, idle, etc.)