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12-02-2010, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
On space maps, this number needs to be insanely high.

On ground maps, the NPCs will fall on any objects underneath them. and rest there.
100 was a random example. I am, in fact, aware that the numbers need to be higher to account for the scale of space(in general). However. When a drydock is nudged up 30 units on the Y-axis to line up with the edge of a station, and you then nudge the NPC contact that was previously lined up with the drydock 30 units as well, the NPC doesn't actually move. it's easy to tell, because they're no longer in the same position relative to each other.

I actually need to experiment with this a little further when the Foundry is re-enabled, as i was in the middle of checking it when it went down. BUT, this isn't a case of it moving and I just can't tell. It was quite definitely simply not being placed at the location I specified, and instead staying on the y=0 plane.

Having not yet done ground work, my assumption is that these specific entities snap to the closest y-axis point of the terrain, and since space has no terrain, they were therefore staying at 0. But that's merely a guess, so it probably has little to do with it. I'll experiment more when the Foundry's back up, assuming a dev doesn't wander in with an answer.