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12-03-2010, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by momiji View Post
There is ALWAYS bacon. Even if the world ends, Bacon is one of the few things that can survive the end of the world, it is existential ^_^

Yay for defying physics =D *dances around in the darkness*...

If anyone can find the door... we might be able to fix things... I think we're just in the outside of an inside out backpack... inside another backpack... So the damage must be limitted to inside the first backpack. But therein lies another problem... the second backpack being inside out... maybe we just put the entire world inside the backpack... and everything inside the backpack has become the real world...

Now... do you remember the last trip inside the backpack we took? I'm not sure Cappy's backpack will be quite as crazy as it's not had a long time to gather junk... though Hazard is in there...

These party celebrations for post 5000 take priority of course
What about if we use that nifty-looking time machine over there to travel back before you do that backpack-thingy and destroy existance?