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12-03-2010, 04:29 AM
Im glad we dint have any "REd Matter" i n the subdivision.. when the backpack laundry tag wasn't read properly.. Cancel the "Reed ALert Hoshi"

So once more the Citizens of Progressive city were saved before bedtime by Some delightful tike's living near Holly-oak [how'd PPG] go again. .

Oh my, What a delightful going to the party Black Dress Cappy has..

Och.. Momiji, That Dimension Quantum Mechanics is tricky stuff.. turn the wrong pocket right side out and you might find Hort looking at the Orange Nickers.

[LAw of Relativity or Energy Once created cant be destroyed it only changes form]
[Clouseau acent Problem Solved]

is the A1 better then the M6.. and i'll get to Scotland bfore ye..