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12-03-2010, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by Firix
Well, ok, but you need to fix the weapon points etc, coz they still fire from where the old costume was.
Really? When I applied the Galaxy-X costume to a Federation Battleship, the phasers seemed to be coming out of the right place.

Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
costume changing can become very cool.

if you want a klingon ship to fight along side you, make a starfleet mob and then change the skin to a klink. same with ground forces. that way the klingon ship or ground force will then aid you, at least within their sphere of attack

In the NPC group Tab there isa drop down menu that says "Friendly, enemy and Neutral" when I selected friendly my selections didn't seem to change, so I don't think you have to use the costume option to have friendly Klingons.