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12-03-2010, 09:44 AM
Okay, here is my outline. I would like your thoughts....

I have not started on the character text although I know where I am going with this in my mind. So there will be text spread throughout. But the basis of the story is the Obsidian Order was reformed under the new Cardassian Constitution. Much in the same way Section 31 is in the Federation charter. (After all, we left Garek in charge and Garek was intimately aware of Section 31s activities and probably thought they were efficient.)

The Snake Reincarnate
Mission Assignment: [Rank], the Cardassian government has requested us check out an anomaly in the Myrax system in the Vanden Sector. All of their ships are busy handling True Way and Terran incursions. I know it is a bit out of the way for you, but this will help strengthen our ties with the Cardassian Union. Thanks, [Rank].

Snake Eyes
Approach Anomalies
Scan Anomalies (2/2)
Engage Cardassian Ships (3/3)
Destroy Borg Sphere
Approach Planet
Beam Down

Scan Communication Arrays (4/4)
Engage Cardassian Squads (3/3)
Approach Cave
Enter Cave

Snake Eggs
Scan Incubation Chambers (5/5)
Scan Borg Alcoves (4/4)
Engage Cardassian Squads (3/3)
Engage Borg-enhance Cardassian
Scan Borg-enhanced Cardassian
Beam Up to Ship

“Red against Yellow…”
Answer Hail
Talk to Cardassian Agent
Report to Starfleet.