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12-03-2010, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Borysthenis
This would require adding additional information to the Foundry every time a new race was added to the game. One of the reasons I think a stance based system would work is because the total number of stances is relatively static. While I'm sure they will add more with time, it's far more likely they'll add new races and the like.

Further, there would be potential frustration when someone, say, had an 'Alien' federation bridge officer who they built into an Orion. He (well, let's be honest. She.) wouldn't use the 'Orion' dialogue even if it was put in, but would use 'Alien Female' instead. With a stance based system, 'Seductive' would work regardless.
Not really - Foundry ties into the list of races and ships as it is and any races not explicitly given conditional dialogue would use the default.

And let's face it, more often than not you'd only want to single out one or two races to be different from the default; say if you had a mission on Vulcan and your security officer was listed as Vulcan.

Re: aliens... that's a separate discussion I think. As someone who's main Federation character is an "alien" intended to be a Garidian [Vulcanoid], I'm sure to feel the sting of this regardless.