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12-03-2010, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Cruisers fill this definition just fine and do excell at all three in combat, as has been seen by any who pvps.
The carrier is not OP.
Nope they do not, as an active cruiser pilot i know this all to well, you either sacrifise survivability for dmg or vice-versa, you never get all 3 in one like you do in the carrier. Even if you went with an assault curiser or advanced assault cruiser your survivability is not the same as that of a star cruiser. If you went with the star cruiser your DPS is not the same as that of the former. The carrier does all of the 3 in one package where as no fed ship does this.

SInce i fly tac in a Vo'Quv i know that for certain the tanking capability of my carrier is far superior to any assault cruiser the feds possess. On top of which the DPS it outputs, it sure is damage on autopilot as Faithborn himself said once you have a bunch of them togeather. After you choose a target your pets are focused on it and all you have to do is sit back relax and offer support to the pets and position yourself carefully to support other team-mates. After playing my carrier i just got bored of it, i can see why many people choose to play this ship after the ship patch happened. We faced off against a pre-made fed team with a pug carrier team and we still chased them all over the arena map and beat them 15-4.

As faithborn said the carriers donot suffer from diminishing marginal utility that all other ships suffer from in the game. If you can build a team of carriers with the proper BO synergy, you can make any fed team beg for mercy.

Also the carriers are not OP, an op'd ship to me is something that cannot be killed, but they do create an imbalance which should not exist in the first place.