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Act I
Snake Eyes

Science Officer: [Rank], we have the anomalies on sensors. They appear to be simple gas clouds. Why are we here for this? These clouds are not going anywhere, the Cardassians could have taken care of this on their own time. Awaiting your orders. (Select: Approach Anomalies)

Approach Anomalies
Science Officer: Iím having trouble with the Sensors. There is some strange interference coming from the planet. We will have to go in the clouds to scan them.

Scan Anomalies (2/2)
Science Officer: Iím picking up something strange in that cloud. Iíll have to examine the logs a little more. (Select: Continue)
Tactical Officer: [Rank], Iím picking up three Cardassian ships entering the system.
Cardassian Contact: Starfleet has no business here. (Select: Your Government Sent us)
Tactical Officer: They have cut off communication and are entering attack formation. (Select: Engage Cardassian Ships)

Engage Cardassian Ships (3/3)
Science Officer: [Rank], I have finished my examination of the sensor logs. There is a Borg signature in one of the clouds. (Select: What?)
Cardassian Contact 2: We are the Cardassians. You will be destroyed. Resistance is futile. (select: Funny...) Iíve always wanted to say that. Prepare to die Starfleet. (select: Destroy Borg Sphere.)

Destroy Borg Sphere
Tactical Officer: [Rank], there were Cardassians operating that Borg Sphere. Is there anyone who doesnít have access to one of those ships? (select: Continue)
Engineering Officer: [Rank], Some of those weapons had a Cardassian signature. This does cause me some concern. Most militaries have been trying to adapt Borg technology to existing ships. This is the first time we have seen someone try to adapt existing technology to a Borg ship. I think the Cardassians are trying to use the sphere itself, not the technology. (select: Continue)
Tactical Officer: But the Cardassians are not allowed a military as per their latest treaty with the Federation. This is an act of war. But that doesnít make any sense. We need to find out what they were up to here. (Select: Continue)
Science Officer: [Rank], I have found the source of the interference that prevented us from scanning those clouds from a distance. It is coming from some communication arrays on the planet. Maybe they are connected to this situation. (select: Set Course for Planet)

Approach Planet
Tactical Officer: In orbit. Ready to Beam down on your command. (Select: Beam Down)

Beam Down