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12-03-2010, 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by Borysthenis
Well, if there isn't a logistical issue involved, I can't say I'd mind seeing it (though at that point I'd want the extra layer of granularity to do stance and race alike -- honestly, being able to make someone who's lighthearted crack jokes and someone who's stern be brusque would give me much more sense of personality than "someone who is human talking like a human talks." )

Perhaps it would be best implemented as you say -- a 'flaggable' system, where it goes by stance/personality unless a given race is flagged in a mission, and then it goes to the racial option.
Basically, every additional set of variables they open up for use in conditional dialogue increases the power of the system exponentially.

I mean, as we've both mentioned, there's stance, gender and race we'd like to see used this way... but you could also have level, faction, ship class, skills [and level of skills], mission completed flags, inventory item flags... lots of stuff. I agree that stance is a very good starting point, though.