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Originally Posted by Anders118 View Post
This ought to help out! There are quite a few. Enter these inside of the brackets into the character text, and it will display things such as your name, shipname etc. Exaples below.

[NickName] : Prints the character's nickname.
[LastName] : Prints the formal last name of the character.
[FirstName] : Prints the formal first name of the character.
[Rank] : Prints the player's current Starfleet or Klingon Rank. (Vice Admiral)
[ShipName] : Prints the informal name of the player's ship. (Enterprise)
[ShipFullName] : Prints the formal name of the player's ship. (U.S.S. Enterprise)
[ShipRegistry] : Prints the full registry number of the player's ship (N.C.C. 1701)
[ShipType] : Prints the type of the player's ship. (Galaxy Class Cruiser)
this should be a sticky!

oh wait its already on the tutorial page...never mind then. :-p