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12-03-2010, 08:04 PM
Finally got on to Tribble, and read the Foundry EULA... wow that is ridiculously restrictive. I'm sure that it won't be as strictly enforced as it reads, but I do have some questions about where the extreme rules are leading:

Are we allowed to use parody to get certain points across? I know that there are US laws that allow for usage of materials or likenesses for parody purposes.

Also, we can't use the "first or last name" of anyone involved with Star Trek? It seems that if they're going to strictly enforce (which I don't think they will, as it would be preposterous) they could interpret it to go to town on characters named "Bob" in the foundry.

"You may not use copyrighted content from the Properties"... means what? Isn't it all technically copyrighted? Or are they specifically referring to trading cards and posters?

How are people supposed to write tribute episodes? I know the idea is new content, but let's be honest, many people will try to recreate their favorite TV episode. Do these rules allow for a good-natured tribute?