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# 1 Looking for a Star Fleet
12-03-2010, 08:39 PM

I hate making these sort of posts, as it always feels like I'm applying for a job rather than a group of people to play a game with, but anyway....

I'm a fairly new player and I'm still finding my feet in the game, as well as trying to make my mind up if I should stick around. And with that in mind I feel I will require a Fleet in order to experience everything this game has to offer, as well as make some friends along the way.

So a bit about me (short version):

I'm male (don't let the names fool you), I'm 27, I have a full time job and I live in the UK.

I currently have a Lt Cmd 4 Tactical Officer and an Escort ship.

And what I'm looking for is a PVE orientated Fleet with any kind of voice communication, website and forums, plays mostly in EU time zones, has some experienced members for advice and most importantly a good sense of humor.

I should also note that I'm not keen on RP'ing, but I don't mind people who do so long as I'm not expected to participate.

If anyone is interested in guiding this newbie through this cold dark space, please contact me in game via Kara@Asteria or leave a reply here.

Thank you.