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For some reason i cant get the granted message to appear. Also i cant seem to use normal ds9 and put ppl in there for a mission it has to be its own ds9 which is barren and too much work to duplicate ds9 (can cryptic copy ds9 social hub with npcs into a usable map with npcs intact please and active doors to quarks and ops).

Thing is i have this idea. I want the user to go to ds9 after accepting the mission. Im trying to get this to work but with the message saying it HAS to be a door it is driving me nuts how to do this as i select beta urser sector to transition from, and then use ds9 as a go to point. But if you select beta ursa you cant pick ds9 as it has no door like other systems.

I have tried using ds9 and then using shuttle 2 door but meh ds9 is empty.

Even with all that, my contact npc i have placed at ds9 when i can get her to show she just talks when u get near her, i want to click her then to talk. How do u do this?

Foundry is such a weird tool. So unorginized imo.

All i want to do is have a message come up (granted mission message) somehow get on ds9 from beta urser and find a npc i put on there (not a empty map the one with npcs already there and shops and stuff and quarks and turbolifts working). And click to talk to the first npc of the mission.

Please help.