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12-04-2010, 03:50 AM
I move unwanted NPCs to x = -100, z = -100, because the y coordinate for NPC groups sometimes gets ignored in preview mode.

Warning: I mentioned this to ZeroniusRex this afternoon, and there is no guarantee that this will always work, for the same reason that Cryptic disabled the trash can icon for individual actors in an Enemy NPC group: they're not entirely sure they want us to be able to change the number of NPCs in a spawn, for reasons she wasn't ready to disclose. (I'd be startled if it didn't have something to do with ongoing internal discussions about end-of-mission XP.)

You can mix wander with idle, too, by enabling both and tweaking the weighting on both. Specify how many seconds to wander when wandering, specify how many seconds to play the idle animation when idling, and set a weight for both. If, for example, you set the wander weight to 15 and the idle weight to 5 (for a total of 20), and set both durations to (for example) 10 seconds, then every 10 seconds, each actor will have a 75% chance of wandering and a 25% chance of stopping to do the idle animation.