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12-04-2010, 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
My experiences in pvp have shown me otherwise.
Until or if I experience what you claim to have experienced in pvp, I can only move from my own knowledge.
The carriers are not imbalanced in and of themselves and the pets are the only aspect in need of a change.
I actually disagree with this, if you consider the pets just one more collective entity, and assign someone with Aoe skills to handle them, pets cease to be an issue.

Imagine this Scenario: Two Carriers, Two Bops, and a Battle Cruiser VS Two Cruisers, a Science vessel, and Two Escorts. So long as the Cruisers tank/heal, and the Science Vessel Spams AoE & lockdown powers, the two Escorts can focus fire on the Carrier and Battle Cruiser, ignoring the BoPs, and the Feds will win.

The Bops won't be able to DPS the Escorts with the healing from the Cruisers and will themselves have problems with the AoE from the Science Vessel, the pets won't be able to stay in battle long enough to make a difference because of the AoE and scatter volley/BfaW from the Escorts or Cruisers, and the Carrier and Battle Cruisers won't be able to DPS anything either.

Two well planned teams, but even with the KDF Carriers and battle cloaks and uni slots on the BoPs and the better maneuverability of their Battle Cruisers, and so long as the Feds know what they're doing the KDF has little chance of success.

On the other hand, that same fed team vs two Battle Cruisers and three BoPs is in trouble. Statistically, both factions are even matches, it's the skill levels of the players and team make-ups which determine who wins or loses.

And Klingons have far more practice working together and making the best of a poor team make-up then the Feds do.