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12-04-2010, 06:08 AM
Thats a shame, i needed to be able to chat with the captain (tho i thought he was commander like sisko) of ds9 as the mission is based on him, mainly find a birthday pressent for him and the mission was a chase the info from ppl on the station and then find the item off someone or somit.

This ruins my mission if i cant do even chat to the captain and give him something the player has aqquired through an interact with object.

I couldnt even get my vulcan engineer to appear on ds9 just on a private version of ds9 which is crap cos its so empty.

I hope they open up more characters to talk to, i have a feeling id be making a leeta mission soon enough too but cant atm.

And i hope they open up the filled with npcs already locations such as ds9 to add characters to them.